Who we are.

We are three Northwestern students who refuse to be told how to think. Despite coming from different backgrounds and different majors, we share one passion: freeing ourselves and those around us from life's distractions. Unruled is more than just a company — it's a way of life.


Jacob — CEO

Major: Product Design and Entrepreneurship Engineering

What do you use Unruled for? Jacob is a senior who created his own major in Product Design and Entrepreneurship Engineering. He likes to constantly learn more through exploring nature and creating his own solutions to problems

The most Unruled thing you've ever done? Hiked 250 miles of the John Muir Trail in 13.5 days.



Bennett — CTO

Major: Stealing Jacob's Major

What do you use Unruled for? Bennett is a junior engineer with a vendetta against inefficiency and a passion for self-improvement. He uses an unlined sketchbook.

The most Unruled thing you've ever done? I need stitches from folding laundry


Lexy — CMO

Major: Communication Studies

What do you use Unruled for? Lexy is a senior studying communication, marketing, and design engineering. She brings creative marketing and branding skills, but most importantly she always brings a smile and a positive attitude wherever she goes.

The most Unruled thing you've ever done? I puked on top of a holy mountain.