Your best self exists in you

Go find it.

We believe that all people are capable of becoming the best versions of themselves. The better we understand ourselves, the closer we are to becoming our best selves. And the closer we get, the happier we are. Therefore, we must take active steps to get to know ourselves. Only then can we unleash our true potentials.

But in order to fully understand ourselves, we must first understand how we think.

A new standard.

We are students, and we are visual learners. We must remember hundreds of equations, diagrams, and theorems that are thrown our way. Lined paper is the current standard for notetaking, but this information doesn't fit between lines. We just don't think that way. So we set out to create the first unlined notebook, for students and for visual notetaking. 


The visual roadmap.


Creating a simple product.

We're visual thinkers. We wanted a notebook that allowed us to get our ideas down without having to fit them into lines — a canvas for an uninterrupted flow of thoughts. This meant creating a product that was simple, a notebook that blended in seamlessly to the visual thinker's lifestyle.

Net tree positive.

We look at the entire lifetime of the product with sustainability in mind. We use sustainably-sourced, post-consumer recycled materials to decrease the manufacturing energy by over 50%. This is great, but we wanted to do more. By partnering with 1% for the Planet we donate 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations like One Tree Planted.

For every 3 notebooks sold we partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest. Let's grow a forest together!


trees planted so far

Plant a tree.

Be Inspired.

Check out our Inspiration Page to jog your creativity and see how other people have used their Unruled Notebooks!