Visual thinkers shouldn't force their ideas into lines. Unruled is a notebook that supports your natural creativity by embracing the whitespace and giving back to our earth.


One third of students are visual learners who express themselves through unique insights, physical space, and their own brands of creativity. These students deserve a notebook that fits into their lifestyle while allowing their ideas the space they need to thrive — without lines. As visual students ourselves, we’ve looked for suitable alternatives to the standard spiral notebook and failed. Finding a notebook that’s designed for unlined notetaking shouldn’t be a chore, so we decided to create a solution… the Unruled notebook. 

A Notebook is Born

The Unruled. Notebook

We set out to design a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing unlined spiral notebook that students can be proud of. Tailored to creatives and intellectuals alike, we took the best features from traditional notebooks and improved the rest.

  • 8"x10.5"
  • 70 sheets
  • 100% recycled front & back
  • 30% recycled paper
  • Made in the USA